Student Truck Drivers:
Now is the Perfect Time to Start Your Engines.

If you have recently learned to drive a truck for a living, your timing is excellent. With the revived economy, transportation companies are now looking for new drivers to train further, and requirements for student drivers are easier to meet. has all the information you need to get on your way to a promising new career.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Receive Driver Training.

In the past, it was challenge to receive the experience needed to qualify as a student truck driver. Developments within the past year have simplified the process, including eased restrictions by insurance firms. Many transportation companies are now looking for people just like you: those want to learn on the job and are ready to build a new career in this growing industry.

Truck Driver Careers and Pay Ranges

Each of the different types of trucks on the road requires a unique set of skills and responsibilities. To learn more and apply for a position as a student truck driver, click on any or all of the banners on this page, each of which is a respected leader in the transportation industry. Best of luck in your new career!